The Indie Card

Your key to the city

The Indie Bristol 'Indie Card' is the key to getting the most out of Bristol. With a wealth of independently run shops, restaurants & bars across the city, this card makes sure you can get the most out of them while saving yourself money in the process. Indie Bristol aims to work with all independent vendors across the city, engaging tens of thousands of people and bringing everyone a little closer to their city, their neighbours and their community. 

It's well reported that spending locally brings more money to the local economy, but did you know by shopping at small businesses, you put around three times more into your city's economy than by spending at a national or international chain? Without boring you with the details, around 48% of money spent is recirculated locally, whereas only 14% of money spent is recirculated locally in the case of national or international chains. 

So why are we doing this? While it is easy enough to encourage local spending, it's also well reported that shopping independently can come with an extra price tag. But that's where the Indie Card comes in - we are working with our local independents to bring you savings, deals and discounts at these businesses to make sure you are truly getting the most bang for your buck! So go ahead and grab yourself an Indie Bristol Indie Card and get access to all these fantastic deals. It's good for you and good for your city.


“Broke in Bristol - & beyond is proud to partner with Indie Bristol on this new venture and is the only official Indie Card retailer. These cards cost just £10 for the entire year and unlock hundreds of pounds worth of local discounts. Get your card today!"


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