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The Indie Bristol 'Indie Card'

There's so much going on in our cultural, creative and historic city and we want to make sure you are getting the absolute best out of it.
With a selection of much-loved independents, as well as undiscovered gems, the Indie Bristol card is your key to getting the most out of your city!

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Independent Businesses

Bristol's Best Bits

Did you know that 99.3% of businesses were independent, small business at the last count? And Bristol is no different. 99.3% of Bristol's businesses are run by local people, for local people - and nothing contributes more to your local economy than spending in these establishments.

But do you know where these are? Who runs them? Or just exactly what you are missing out on? Here at Indie Bristol, we want to highlight the work local people and businesses are doing to provide fun, entertainment and opportunity in YOUR city. 

Why go to Pizza Express when the local pizza parlour is just across the street? Why grab a heartless chain shop coffee when a local, cosy coffee shop is less than 100m away? All the money you chose to spend in global chain stores takes away from Bristol's economy and often it's simply just a case of knowing where to best spend your hard-earned cash.

The difference between a chain store coffee and your local, artisan cup is often as little as 50p, but we understand these little differences can add up. And here's how we are trying to help - Indie Bristol has bundled together a bunch of your favourite local, independent stores in one convenient place in a bid to level the playing field. 

Indie Bristol's 'Indie Card' is the essential card to make the most of your time in the city - your local independent shops, bars, restaurants and events venues have signed up to give you access to special deals, discounts and savings that make it even easier to spend locally.

Be the breaker of chains. Shop indie!


Where you can save...

Deals & discounts at all types of independent businesses.

Fast Food
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With so many restaurants to choose from, make sure you're choosing a local business - nothing tastes better than food cooked by someone who cares.

With the Indie Card get access to a bunch of offers such as:

  • Final bill discounts

  • Food & drink deals

Bars & nightlife

Independent bars are popping up all the time - providing fantastic drinks, live music and everything from poker nights to Mario Kart tournaments. Make sure you don't miss out. Among other deals, with the Indie Card you can benefit from:

  • Exclusive drinks deals

  • 2-for-1 offers

  • Indie night​

Mother & Child Shooting Arrows
Interior of Children's Clothing Store

Family days out

There are 1001 ways to keep yourself entertained in the city. Why not pop down to one of Bristol's independent venues for an evening out that you won't forget? Escape room anyone?

The Indie Card isn't just for adults - families can also benefit! We are working on providing discounts and deals on days out for the kids as well as date nights for parents.

Retail & shopping

Believe it or not, even the traditional high street has a few independent retailers on it!

Get yourself access to some special deals and discounts from our special, local independents.


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